“The path to dis-ease is individual, yet the path to healing is a collective one”.

– Asian proverb

UnitingCircles Program​

Present society with its non-stop distractions, multi-tasking and speed is prone to high levels of pressure and stress as a natural part of life. Often we’re not even aware of the impact of such destructive habits until the body signals us to “pause”. These warning signals are actually blessings in disguise; they urge us to halt, to reflect and to choose a path that is more in alignment with our body, mind and soul.

An Asian proverb says, “the path to dis-ease is individual, yet the path to healing is a collective one”.

Walking through such a transformative passage with genuine human support and experienced guidance makes the process not only more effective but also more inspiring and joyful.

In the UnitingCircles programs, we combine learning (awareness), experiencing (feeling) and connecting (bonding) to facilitate healing on a deeper level.

During nine weekly sessions of two hours each, a small group of 8 -12 participants gather in a circle set-up. This period will allow you to gain a deeper awareness about your habits, create more alignment between your brain and heart intelligence, connect with your potential and experience the healing power of a collective field. Numerous studies have shown that it requires an average of 7-9 weeks for a new habit to become a natural part of daily routine.

The UnitingCircles program with its peer support and tools is aimed to make a durable life style change allowing for more joy, harmony and health for yourself and your environment.

The following experiential topics will be introduced through a gradual build-up over 9 weekly sessions:

  • Personal introduction, motivation and expectations
  • Guidelines holistic health and well being
  • Sensing and practicing breathing techniques
  • Introduction to Heart and Brain coherence
  • Experiencing inner calmness: guidance to meditation
  • Group bonding and sharing; active listening
  • Science of the Heart: understanding and connecting with the hearts intelligence
  • The power of emotions
  • Practising Heart coherence adding regenerative emotions
  • Experiencing the giving and receiving of energies


  • Understanding the power of focus and intention
  • Explanation and experiencing the powers of a circle setting
  • Practising Heart and Brain coherence
  • Guided meditation to enter into inner calmness
  • Experiencing the reciprocity and mirroring of energies
  • Expression everyone’s (heart) intention
  • Creative writing of intention formulation
  • Collective energising of individual intentions
  • Practising Heart and Brain coherence
  • Learning about importance of movement
  • Practise movement exercises
  • Deepening Heart and Brain coherence
  • Intending practise for two participants
  • Understanding the mechanics of stress and inflammation
  • Tools to observe, detect and reduce stress
  • Applying Heart and Brain coherence
  • Intending practise for two participants
  • Learning about subtle energies
  • Practise feeling energies
  • Applying Heart and Brain coherence
  • Intending practise for two participants
  • Discovering your inner space of joy
  • Practise intuition development
  • Applying Heart and Brain coherence
  • Intending for two participants
  • Understanding basics of a quantum or unified field
  • Collective intention for extended purpose environment
  • Applying Heart and Brain coherence
  • Intending for participants
  • Closing ceremony

Tools to apply –in between sessions- at home:

In between the weekly session, easy applicable tools to support the learning process at home will be provided for such as:

  • Audio recordings to facilitate the heart and brain coherence and meditation session
  • Videos to support the movement and energy exercises
  • Journaling to improve observation and detect patterns

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Facilitators Training

The facilitators training is intended for people who feel passionate to hold a loving space permitting to jointly walk the path of live. We welcome people who joined a UnitingCircles program and feel inspired to gain further experience by being a (co-) facilitator. Overall, we consider first hand experience of group or circle work as a necessary first step before becoming a (co) facilitator.

Having one’s empowerment as the main objective in all our programs, the facilitator’s role is one of heart centred accompaniment and deep listening without going into any personal therapy or treatment. The most important requirements to become a facilitator are therefore not technically linked to studies or achievement, but strongly related to one’s emphatic skills, experience and social abilities to:

The facilitators’ training is a 3 to 4 day intensive formation, which is being organized in several countries.

Each new facilitator will be guided afterwards to ensure proper support, service and quality. Becoming a facilitator also encompasses joining a global, heart-centered community that seeks to contribute to a more caring, compassionate and sustainable society.

At the facilitators training, the following subjects will be extensively treated:

  • It’s (ancient) meaning
  • Its sacredness and power
  • Guidelines and agreements
  • Group dynamics
  • Preparation space
  • Beauty and art
  • Holding the space
  • Active and deep listening
  • Compassion
  • Trust and bonding
  • Self empowerment
  • Re-actions
  • Host Manual
  • Heart and Brain coherence
  • Meditations
  • Development sessions
  • Topics and timing
  • Tools
  • Support Facilitators
  • Promotion / network
  • Registration
  • Financial
  • Co-hosts
  • Participant information
  • Evaluation forms
  • Continuation

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Several 1 or 2 days workshop are being organised with the overriding aim to place the heart at its right place: at the core of our being.

During the workshop we will gain more awareness about the basics of the science behind the heart intelligence and how its (in) coherence constantly influences our health and well-being. We learn how to cope and shift through stressful situations, to self regulate emotions and to stay centred with calmness and clarity. We will practise heart and brain coherence techniques both individually and collectively to experience the electromagnetic impact of its energies on ourselves and our environment.

When we begin to live and act with love and compassion, healing occurs naturally.

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Our competitive, speedy society is often conducive to fear-based, repetitive thoughts, always planning and seeking some future imaginary peace. In order to find a deeper relief and healing, it is beneficial to step back, retreat and learn to simply be. When we realize that the world created by the fear-based mind and emotions cannot offer us what seek, we turn our attention back to what really matters, the values relating to our true authentic self. For thousands of years people of different cultures have been going into retreats as a refuge from the outside world to re-establish a deeper peace within.

Throughout the year, we organize a few holistic as well as silent retreats at the ecological retreat center Pyramid for Light in the Philippines. In this center, which is located in pristine nature, we offer a well-balanced program allowing to retreat within while establishing more harmony between body, mind and soul based on heart-centered living.  

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Heart & Healing
tour 2021

The “Heart & Healing Tour 2021” has been postponed due to the Covid-19 restrictions. Instead of this tour, we have developed a unique opportunity:

Walking the Path – A virtual journey to the Pyramid of Light

11 sessions – every other week from 25 January to 21 June 2021

During these 11 virtual gatherings, we will join each other for an individual and collective experience at the sacred site of the Pyramid of Light, designed to release  subconscious shadows, heal and explore our true authenticity. Step by step, we will pass through each of the chakra stations located on this initiation path, connecting us with the deeper realms of being. 

Contents of these 11 sessions: 

– The story sharing of its ancient ceremonies, initiations and symbolism of the Pyramid of Light site, its spiritual guiadnce and energy points.

– Understanding the deep meaning of each chakra and the energies associated with it.

– Guided meditation in each of the chakra stations

– Activation in the Sacred Heart to raise our vibration

– Initiation to the state of an interconnectedness within the Pyramid of Light.

– Basic material for practice and contemplation  in between sessions.

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