“As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others”

– Nelson Mandela

Facilitators France

Olivier Abossolo


Former practitioner (MD) in conventional and natural medicine for more than 25 years, my experience in health care extends from western medicine to the most ancient traditional and spiritual medicines. It was during my interest for the energetic healing (ie. Essene care, Philippine spiritual healing) that I was able to observe the obvious fact that every person has the inner resources and skills to act positively in his/her physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. My path led me from medical practitioner to speaker, consultant and trainer on the subject of «Health by Harmony», to foster harmony within and with the environment that surrounds us.

Christine Bredel

Christine BREDEL

I have always been guided by a deep desire and commitment to authenticity and harmony. In every part of my life: as a person, physiotherapist, spouse and mother, it has inspired me to create a path of Unity consciousness and wholeness. In both spiritual retreats and everyday life, in the ordinary and extraordinary, I have witnessed and experienced the sacred flow of life. It is present within each and every one of us. This healing wisdom is a divine connection that is always present at the core of our hearts. This knowingness has strengthened my faith and desire to walk in heartfelt unity with all my brothers and sisters. It leads me today to co-create spaces of support and sharing.

Facilitators Netherlands

Joske Dewachter


As far as I can remember, I always felt an inner quest for spirituality and mysticism. With this purpose in mind, I have been travelling, co-creating, learning and living in various international spiritual centers and communities in service of the greater good. I have explored, studied and practiced several holistic teachings and therapies to gain a deeper insight and understanding into the profound realms of being. These rich experiences serve as the basis for the body, energy and consciousness work that I am now doing as a yoga teacher, facilitator and co-creator for groups and retreats.

Ivonne Vlaarkamp


Teaching children has always been my passion, not just the technical part but providing trust, care and inspiration on the start of their life’s journey. After many years of experience, I noticed the growing number of children and teens that face challenges in our modern, speedy and highly distractive society. This regularly translates into dysfunctional behaviours with little support or guidance to heal, which motivated me to become a holistic children’s therapist. Today I combine these insights with my teaching profession allowing me to provide for the necessary holistic support and guidance wherever it’s required for both children and adults alike.

Facilitators Spain

3E Rosa Casado


With a background in linguistics, pedagogy and psychology, I went through many different stages in my life as I like to explore innovative approaches. I dedicated most of my professional career to educational programs with a special emphasis on empowering young people to find their true purpose and path in life. While attending a close family member who became severely ill, I discovered new ways of understanding health in a broader perspective with complementary approaches to recover one’s balance and well-being.

Marika Verheijen


With a varied background of management, social and humanitarian related organizations, I have spent the past decades weaving a human and unifying tapestry in the area of holistic health and healing. While accompanying Rev. Alex Orbito on his worldwide healing journeys, I met with extra-ordinary people and gained further insight while listening to many inspiring healing stories.

As a founding member of the Pyramid for Light Foundation, I have been fascinated witnessing the limitless powers that originate from the heart’s intelligence both individually and collectively. I would describe myself as a humanist, a connector and a co-creator with a deep faith and trust in our divine potential and purpose.

Facilitators Switzerland

3G Elisabeth Schick

Elisabeth Schick

My life journey took me through breast cancer combining modern and complementary treatments. I had the great opportunity to meet the Rev. Alex Orbito, which opened my holistic perspective to health. Experiencing energy healing made me understand that we all have the necessary inner resources to act in a positive way in our physical, emotional and spiritual health.

I have been trained in the Simonton method, which offers health accompaniment, and I collaborate with the regional Cancer league through conferences and testimonials. Accompanying groups through the UnitingCircles program is a vivid everyday confirmation that everything is possible within a unified, loving field.

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