We embrace
To explore everyone's authencity and potential
We embrace
To feel the intuitive capacity through heart and brain coherence
We embrace
To experience compassion, care and joy while journeying through life
We embrace
to discover the unlimited potential we all carry within
We embrace
To heal and transform for the greater good of all

Are you

lacking joy and purpose in life?
feeling stressed and disconnected?
facing a health issue with lack of support?
going through a change but wonder how to go about?

If the answer to one of these questions is affirmative, your body is urging you to “reset”.

This is easier said than done.

One of the most effective and inspiring ways to redesign your life and unlock your potential is through the science of the heart. By establishing more coherence between the heart’s intuitive wisdom and the mind’s ability to manifest, you create a healthier and empowering life for yourself and your environment.

What we offer

Our programs combine three essential elements to facilitate a lasting transformation:


Heart & brain coherence

Discover that your heart is far more than a central pumping organ; it has its own “brain” with a  sophisticated neural network that constantly influences the mind and its cognitive and physiological functions.

UP Programmes

Human support in circle formation

Experience real human support and guidance in small groups through a circle set-up, which traditionally cultivates the qualities of trust, compassion, sharing and bonding.


Intention & easy applicable tools

Learn to formulate and connect with the intention you wish to manifest in your life and establish a deeper relationship with your body, mind and soul through easy applicable tools and techniques

What are the benefits?

According to the science

Extensive quality assessment studies (3) show: ​

Improvement sleep
Improvement calmness
Reduction in anxiety
Reduction in fatigue


From our programme participants

You can choose 4 subtitle languages in the video settings

“You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the entire ocean in a drop.”

- Rumi

heart and brain coherence

Scientific studies performed by the Heartmath Institute (1) show that the heart generates the strongest magnetic field of the human body, 5.000 times more intense than the mind. Our daily -mostly subconscious- conversation sends endless emotion-based signals from the heart to the brain. It’s the quality of these signals that determines the kind of chemicals that are being released into our bodies.

In our rationalized society, the mind often prevails in the decision-making whereas the heart’s intelligence taps into a larger and more profound field of consciousness with less ego-bound filters. Heart coherence aims at a more harmonic flow between the heart brain and the cranial brain waves, which has an immediate effect on our mental clarity, health and well-being.

Human support in circle formation

Our ancestors already knew the powerful energies that emanate from a circle gathering; jointly connecting, learning and healing. Our fast pace digital society increases the need to simply reconnect with ourselves, our heart’s desires and to create genuine bonding.

The moment we connect with others in an altruistic way, we actually create a whole bio-chemical process in our body that starts to release “happy” hormones such as endorphins, dopamine and serotonin to boost our immune system. By adopting a more compassionate attitude, our brain waves respond immediately comparable to someone in deep relaxation or meditation. 

Intention & easy applicable tools

The red thread in all programs is the heart and brain coherence, emotional self-regulation, sharing with deep listening and experiencing the joy of giving and receiving. Easy applicable tools and techniques are gradually being introduced and practiced both individually and collectively, ranging from breathing, visualisation, stress awareness, journaling to movement and energy exercises.

The guided videos and audios are a valuable support to implement new exercises and habits both at home and at work. Numerous studies (2) have shown that it requires an average of 7-9 weeks for a new habit to stick into daily routine as new synapses are being correlated in our nervous system.