Who are we?

Coming from diverse backgrounds and cultures, we hold one vision in common: placing humanity and its personal empowerment at the heart of our activities.

Over the past two decades, we regularly met and bonded while we jointly organized the health and healing days with Rev. Alex L. Orbito, a well-known Philippine healer who always reiterated that “true healing comes from the heart”. Working together in multidisciplinary teams with therapists, medical doctors, healers and patients from different countries, we witnessed how certain pathologies kept returning when the underlying issue had not been resolved.

A healer or a health professional is a valuable and often necessary asset in the healing process, yet the main work lies eventually within. The numerous experiences we accumulated formed a solid and fertile basis to gain deeper insights in the transformative process that takes place in times of life’s extremes such a disease or major change. This process requires an open and honest look at our lifestyle and human conditioning to gain a better understanding of the impact it has on our health and well-being. Once we become aware of these mechanisms, the first step has been made on the path towards self-empowerment and healing.

To facilitate this shift from the external to the internal healer, we co-created the NGO UnitingPeople with the purpose to contribute to more harmony within and around us. The founding international team members consist of therapists, medical doctors, healers and patients alike with a large collaborative network across Europe, USA/Canada and Asia.

Special words of gratitude go to Rev. Alex L. Orbito (Philippines) who has been the inspiring visionary for its creation and to the Fred Foundation (Netherlands) for its support.

Christine Bredel, Olivier Abossolo, Josiane Dewachter, Jeanette Poelman, Tatiana Puyol, Elisabetth Schick, Marika Verheijen, Aartjan Bontje
From left to right (upper row): Christine Bredel, Olivier Abossolo. From left to right (lower row): Josiane Dewachter, Jeanette Poelman, Tatiana Puyol, Elisabeth Schick, Marika Verheijen, Aartjan Bontje.

What do we offer?

Our prime focus is recreating wholeness in life.

Holistic health is actually an ancient approach to health and considers the whole human being and the interconnectedness with our environment. Instead of focussing only on the disease or “problem”, we strive to view its totality, unlock obstacles and restore a natural balance and flow of energy. Wholeness thus refers to a balance or harmony in the different facets of our human existence: physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.

As we live in a fast track world, we tend to look for a “quick fix”. A dis-ease or imbalance is an inconvenient disrupter that we usually try to suppress by medication or external resources until we eventually come to the conclusion that there is often no rapid solution.

A healing process requires a good dose of determination; human support and inner awareness to better understand and change destructive life habits, limiting beliefs and patterns into more empowering ones. Seen from this perspective, it becomes an opportunity and discovery journey to grow, learn and embrace the new in a healthier way.

Alex Orbito's workshop

To facilitate this process, we merge ancient traditions with new science that support the transformation to a life with more healing, harmony and resilience.

In the Uniting Circles programs, we combine the elements of learning (awareness), experiencing (feeling) and connecting (bonding) over a period of 8 to 10 weeks so that the healing can integrate on a deeper cellular level. Complementary elements ranging from breathing techniques, visualisations, intuition development & experimentation, journaling and energy exercises will be introduced on a weekly basis, to both practice in the group as well as at home.

The red thread in each weekly session is the placement of one’s health intention, to enter into heart/brain coherence and to experience the powerful reciprocity of healing energies in a circular collective setting.

Power of intention

Power of Intention

Much has been written and said about the power of one’s intention and how to concentrate on its desired manifestation. Formulating a clear, positive and precise intention is one part yet its manifestation requires a certain degree of focus, perseverance and trust. Practicing visualisations and gratitude helps to transform past imprints and to develop positive cell memories that contribute to the intention’s realisation with the support of a collective amplifying field.

Reciprocity Effect

Reciprocity Effect

The moment we reach out to someone else in an altruistic way, we actually create a whole bio-chemical process in our body that starts to release an access of “happy” hormones such as endorphins, dopamine and serotonin. These hormones give an enormous boost to our immune system. By adopting a more compassionate attitude, our brain waves respond immediately comparable to someone in deep relaxation or meditation. Numerous studies have revealed that both the senser and receiver enter into similar patterns of reciprocity whereby the sender feels equal or even stronger benefits than the receiver.

Heart Coherence

Heart coherence

Recent Scientific studies performed by the HeartMath Institute shows that the heart has an independent and potent neural network whose magnetic field is actually 5000 times stronger than the one emanated by the mind. In our rationalised society, the mind often prevails in the decision-making whereas the heart’s intelligence taps into a larger and more profound field of consciousness with less ego-bound filters. Heart coherence aims at a more harmonic flow between the heart brain and the cranial brain waves. Our daily -mostly subconscious- conversation sends endless emotion-based signals from the heart to the brain. It’s the quality of these signals that determines the kind of chemicals that are released into our bodies. More harmony and coherence between the heart and the brain has an immediate effect on our overall health and well-being.

Collective Field

Collective field

Our ancestors already knew the powerful energies that emanate from circle gatherings; jointly sharing, learning, connecting, experiencing and healing. In our fast pace society, we do need to pause from time to time to reconnect with ourselves, our heart’s desires and bond together. Every intention, healing and improvement is being reinforced and amplified by a collective field of peers allowing for more trust, support and companionship. A sage once said that “the path towards a disease is an individual one yet the path to healing is a collective one”.

Program objectives and contents

Uniting Circles is an 8 to 10 week program that invites you to gradually learn, experience and connect with your own healing potential, amplified by a collective field of mutual support.

The main program objectives are:

  • Manifestation of one’s (health) intention
  • Be empowered in the healing process and gain awareness in one’s own capacities
  • Become more resilient with practical tools to handle stress and challenges
  • Practice heart coherence and connect with one’s heart intelligence
  • Develop and sense the energy reciprocity of giving and receiving
  • Create more balance and harmony in one’s life
  • Feel the collective and humane support while walking through life’s transformative processes

The course encompasses the components of information, meditation, breathing, visualisation, movement, intending, sharing, testimonials, experiments, journaling and metrics to measure the (health) effects before and after.

The consequential build-up in themes during the 8-10 week program is as follows:

  • Session 1: The power of intention and heart coherence
  • Session 2: Intending and its reciprocity effect
  • Session 3: Understanding stress and inflammation
  • Session 4: Importance of movement and exercise
  • Session 5: Collective intention and distant healing
  • Session 6: The body’s subtle energies
  • Session 7: Nurturing the inner space of Joy
  • Session 8: Sensing the power of altruism and oneness

Two additional sessions may be added per group at optional intervals to further practice the exercises, explore group experiments, share and exchange.

Program Fee

Uniting Circles Program fee: 140 EUR p.p., which includes:

  • A total of 8 to 10 weekly sessions of 1.5 - 2 hours in a small circle group of 8-15 participants with an experienced host to guide
  • Progressive/building up of contents and awareness
  • Practices, exercises and tools to be introduced into daily life routines
  • Reading material in between sessions
  • Metrics to measure the (health) effects before and after the program

Not included: Additional costs for rental fees of the gathering space as this may vary per venue and country.

For more information: Contact your local host.

Program fee


Seminar 'Healing by the heart' in Capoue (France) Friday and Saturday 26 & 27 July 2019 in Domaine de Capoue – 26 400 EYGLUY ESCOULIN (Drome area) It is with great pleasure that we invite you to participate in the seminar "HEALING BY THE HEART", which takes place for the 3rd consecutive year in Capoue (Drôme, FRANCE). This 2 day seminar include gatherings and exchanges around holistic healing, experiencing the healing power through the Uniting Circles, enjoying the magical and natural environment of Capoue and learning about the empowerment tools to improve and preserve health and well-being. This seminar is dedicated to connecting with the energy of the Heart. It represents an inexhaustible source to preserve and/or restore the balance of being on all levels, as revealed by recent data in quantum physics. By experiencing individually and collectively these powerful healing energies that emanate from the heart, comes the awareness of our innate healing potential, far beyond the mind. For more information and details, please contact Christine at inscriptions@lumieredetoile.fr
UnitingCircles programma in Amsterdam Starting January 14 during 10 weeks Hosts: Josiane Dewachter & Jeanette Poelman, emails dewachter_j@yahoo.com / jeanettepoelman@gmail.com Tel 0626088180 / 0615555090
Programme UnitingCircles à Saint Péray (Ardeche) Debut le 4 Février pendant 10 semaines Facilitateur Christine Bredel, email: ketiyema@gmail.com et tel: 06 82 418 403
Programme UnitingCircles en Avignon (France) Debut le 7 Janvier pendant 10 semaines Facilitateur: Olivier Abossolo, email: olabossolo@yahoo.fr Tel: +33 686 56 52 89
Presentation Uniting Circles in France (Avignon) by Olivier Abossolo Monday October 22 and December 10 from 19.45 till 21.15 hrs Mas de la Soleillade, 270 Chemin du Saule, 84140 Montfavet Fee session : 15 € Registrations by tel: au 06 86 56 52 89.
Presentation Uniting Circles in Amsterdam on Oct 25, 2018 19.15 - 21.00 hrs Adres: Gasthuiskerk, Arie Biemondtstraat 103, 1054 PD Amsterdam. (OV: tram 1 richting Osdorp, uitstappen halte Overtoom/JP Heijestraat vanaf daar 5 minuten lopen) Als je deel wilt nemen aan de bijeenkomst op donderdag 25 oktober, reageer dan VÓÓR dinsdag 23 oktober naar Jeanette Poelman: jeanettepoelman@gmail.com / Tel: 0615555090 Voor huur en onkosten wordt een financiële bijdrage van 10 Euro gevraagd.
Presentation in Ardeche (France) Uniting Circles program Saint Péray (Ardèche), October 17th / November 12th / December 12th / 20h at 42 rue de la république
Uniting Circle Program in Spain Palafrugell October - December 2018 at "Ca la Baba" Happy Yoga

Recent testimonials

Having connected to heart energy on my own in my daily meditation, I was deeply impressed to experience that amidst a group of people with the same intention, I was able to turn up the volume of my heart energy to such a greater extent. The effect was truly liberating and carries on...

Sandra (Netherlands)

Yes, the results from the first circle were immediate! During the second circle, I felt immediately cured from within (on a psychic level) and I can feel how the healing on a physical level is ongoing and integrating.

Pierre (New Caledonia)

I liked the Uniting Circles a lot, I found it much easier to concentrate and focus for a longer time when there is only one person in the centre of the circle. Being in the middle of such a circle myself is really amazing.

Anna (Germany)

Uniting Circles helped me to better formulate my intentions and to become aware of my potential and capacities especially when bonding in unity.

Gregory (France)

Some exceptional events took place in these Uniting Circles. I was witnessing healing “live”. From my end, I received immeasurable gifts. I placed my intention to fully and consciously enjoy being loved, which has been very difficult for me for a long time. I can now say that this experience in the circle has changed my life and I can now even say that I am enjoying being loved for the first time in 32 years and more than that, as I am realizing that universal love can circulate through me!

Sibylle (Switzerland)
Alex Orbito's Portrait

In my vision I see we are many to concentrate and heal, no longer touching one by one but all-together as ONE ... and the healing energy is very, very powerful.

Rev. Alex Orbito (Philippines) in a filmed interview “Man of Faith” in 2017