Walking the Path

A Virtual Journey to the Pyramid for Light

11 sessions – every other week from January 25 to June 21, 2021

We invite you on an initiation journey starting from the darkness of the cave within the Earth to emerge through its narrow entrance. We are guided to connect with the strength of the Sacred Father Tree and to the embrace of the sacred Mother Tree. From here, we will gradually walk together through the seven points located on the sacred chakra trail to purify and align each of our energy centers. Once we have walked the path, we will be led in an ancient water ceremony to be connected with the innate beauty of the 8th chakra vibrating with the sacred heart. This prepares us to enter inside the unified field symbolized by the Pyramid for Light itself where all four pillars merge into oneness.

A true story as a source of inspiration and guidance …

From the depths of a remote Filipino cave, the Spirit “Lady of Light” asked the spiritual healer Brother Alex/Aloja to build a Pyramid for Light at a place nearby which we now know is a power point on the earth’s grid as it’s a major intersection of energy ley lines. She emphasized that it was of the utmost importance that humanity return to the qualities of love and unity. With the heartfelt dedication of thousands of people around the world, this sacred place was officially inaugurated in Mabini, Philippines on 11.11.2011 under the full moon’s radiance, where the following vision was transmitted:

“As humanity is entering into a new cycle, it’s important to welcome the energies that vibrate with the heart. The Pyramid for Light has been spiritually guided as a catalyst in this process to support the Earth’s transformation towards more love, light and healing for all living beings”.

This vision calls us to become our best selves and to reset our energies to the zero point by releasing fear-based conditioning that no longer serves our highest purpose. The time has now come to anchor these new energies within and around us, to initiate a movement guided by the heart’s intelligence to collectively birth a new humanity, respectful of all life.

This journey is a soul’s calling to unite.

Join us.

Practical Information

Purpose & contents:

During the 11 virtual gatherings, we will join each other for an individual and collective experience of the Pyramid for Light sacred site designed to release subconscious shadows, heal and allow us to explore our true authenticity. Step by step we will walk through each of the chakra stations located on this path of initiation, connecting with the deeper realms of our being inside the Pyramid for Light.

During these 11 gatherings, there will be a gradual built up including the following contents:

  • Story telling of the ancient ceremonies, initiations and the site symbolism at the Pyramid for Light, its Spirit guidance and its energy points.
  • Understanding the deeper meaning of each chakra and its related energies
  • Guided Meditation into each of the Chakra stations
  • Activation into the Sacred Heart to raise our vibration
  • Initiation into the inter-connective state of oneness inside the Pyramid for Light.
  • Home material in between the sessions to practice and contemplate.

Material provided per session:

  • Recorded replays to review in case you missed a session
  • Written study information about each chakra
  • Contemplative material per session
  • Recorded guided meditations per chakra to listen to
  • Videos showing energy exercises to practice


11 Monday sessions

January 25, February 8 and 22, March 8 and 22, April 12 and 26, May 10 and 24, June 7 & celebration June 21, 2021


20.00 – 21.30 CET (Paris) 

2:00pm – 3:30pm EST (New York)

Languages: English / French


Olivier Abossolo

Olivier ABOSSOLO (France)

Olivier is a medical practitioner, lecturer and trainer on the theme of “Health through Harmony”. His more than 25 years of experience in the field of health extends from western medicine to natural, energetic and spiritual medicines.

Joske Dewachter

Josiane DEWACHTER (Netherlands)

Josiane studied traditional ​body-energy therapies​ s​uch as ​Taoism, Buddhism, Yoga and Chinese​ Medicine, ​which she​ combines with ​more ​Western lifestyles modalities. Josiane guid​es​ ​​group seminars and retreats at the Pyramid for Light.

Remi Florian

Rémi FLORIAN (France)

Rémi is an engineer and eco architect who is passionate about sacred geometry and specializes in the biology of homes, which studies the links between the built environment and the health of its residents. Remi is part of the architectural co-creative team of the Pyramid for Light.

Marika Verheijen

Marika VERHEIJEN (Spain)

Marika has a varied experience in humanitarian, healing and holistic organizations that center around the heart’s intelligence. She is boardmember of the Pyramid for Light Foundation where she guides seminars and retreats.

Special Guests:



Team involved:

  • Sibylle BLANC (Switzerland) – Scriptwriting and planning
  • Tatiana MARCOS (France) – Translation
  • Roshn & Farzan NAJMEDDIN (Netherlands) – Media & zoom management
  • Claes NOREMARK (Sweden) – Pyramid For Light Foundation
  • Sylvie PARENT (Canada) – Planning
  • Zinka POLJICAK (Switzerland) – Planning
  • Elisabeth SCHICK (Switzerland) – Communication & administration


Walking the Path: A Virtual Journey to the Pyramid for Light​

11 sessions – every other week
from January 25 to June 21, 2021
Total fee per person: € 222 (*)

(*) This fee is meant to both cover the costs of the online retreat as well as to support the Pyramid for Light Foundation, its ongoing maintenance and repairs. For those who wish to join but face financial difficulties, we invite you to write to us so that we can evaluate the possibility to join for a reduced fee.

Hosted by the Pyramid for Light Foundation (Philippines)

in cooperation with Humanitarian Association UnitingPeople (Europe)